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Aspira-USA Launch Guides to help Entrepreneurs Start Businesses and Find Access to Capital

Updated: Jan 12

Aspira-USA recently launched two practical guidebooks called “Finding the Money” and “The Best Way to Start a Business” to help entrepreneurs start businesses and find access to capital. Both will be available in eBook and audiobook formats, and eventually sold on over 50 online platforms, including Amazon Audible and Barnes & Noble.

“As small business consultants and trainers, we are often asked by budding entrepreneurs or sole proprietors for tips on starting a business, or where to find start-up capital,” said Michel Daley, author and Aspira-USA co-founder. “Many of these people have a ‘side-hustle’ and are part of what’s often called the underground or ‘gig’ economy, which keeps them outside the purview of government agencies.”

However, Daley explains this is not the best way to start, operate and grow a business. Entrepreneurs who do not take the time to formalize their businesses are generally excluded from operating store fronts, obtaining loans, finding investors, or providing services to other businesses or government agencies. In addition, many companies and resource agencies want to review a business’s past performance, credit worthiness and licenses and permits before establishing a relationship.

Daley added that entrepreneurs and start-ups often need guidance on the proper procedures to follow to start and register a business, and some new entrepreneurs—especially those who become self-employed with no substantial assets—often face rejection when seeking personal or commercial loans from traditional sources. “Our goal is to inform them about other important sources of capital, and help them understand the rules of engagement to increase their chances of success,” Daley said.

Daley explained the guidebooks do not attempt to replicate the comprehensive study of business found in textbooks. Rather, he said, they provide practical knowledge assembled from years of personal operational and management experience. “The material shared from this experience is not available in textbooks,” he said. “However, they do provide valuable information for readers to gain an understanding on how to properly start a business and attract investors.”


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