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Our philosophy is to rapidly expand our resources by partnering with organizations that share our vision to provide solutions that improve business and lifts up entire communities.  To that end, we are proud to  partner with the following organizations:

NEW! To better serve our customers and their need for high-quality, value-priced custom apparel, we are teaming with Celtic Designers, a PA-based apparel decorating company, to offer custom screen-printing and embroidery--perfect for teams and special initiatives!



The R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center at Gateway DC in Southest, Washington, DC is equipped with classrooms, a conference center and state-of-the art technology including computers and audio-visual aids.  As a programming partner, we will offer training programs in the center.

Everfi  is a leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills. WOI will utilize Everfi’s STEM interactive online curriculum to bring valued educational programs to the community we serve.  These platforms are proven not only to produce student knowledge gain, but also to change students’ attitudes and behavior in critical areas. e. It's easy.

Lewis Limited was founded in May 2005 as a minority-owned, Maryland-based limited liability company. The company provides unique computer-based remedial and custom-designed training programs using its proprietary Virtual-Chalkboard™ Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Hands in Motion is and American sign-language interpreting service providing 24/7 support to clients in the government and private sector.   Interpreters are certified, and strictly abide by the Code of Professional Conduct  set out by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

Luma Lab is a tech education program focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and coding. The program exposes students to all facets of technology including lean startup principles, user experience, software development, and product management.

Redbrick LMD-Gragg Cardona, following a comprehensive and competitive process, was selected to redevelop the first phase of the historic St. Elizabeth's East Campus, the largest redevelopment opportunity in Washington, DC. WOI is proud to be a member of the winning team. As a Redbrick partner, WOI will develop and implement workforce development training programs that address the needs of the District of Columbia Ward 8 community.