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We utilize our deep experience and skills, relationships and resources to offer practical solutions to enhance the businesses and government agencies that retain us, and prepare our individual clients with the prerequisite skills needed to be hired, promoted, start or expand their own businesses. 



CONSULTING: Our team has over 100 years of collective experience as executives and business owners. This includes knowledge of all business operations, and trusted relationships with leaders in many industries. 


​TRAINING: We provide leadership, technical and non-technical workforce development workshops to prepare clients for employment, promotion or to start or expand their own businesses.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT & GRANT ADVISORY:   We offer Rural and Urban Municipalities and Agencies technical and non-technical support to help plan, staff and execute projects to achieve desired results. Our team also works collaboratively with our clients to provide data, insights and editorial support for competitive grant proposal writing.

COMMUNICATIONS: We offer a vast array of written and visual  communi-cations services, including printing forms, brochures, reports and publications. 



As a Washington, DC-based Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), registered with the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD),

ASPIRA-USA has been awarded a contract with the DC Office of Contracting and Procurement, a Human Care Agreement with the DC Department of Employment Service (DOES) and is listed on the DC Supply Schedule. 

Additionally, ASPIRA-USA is registered with the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE). 


Although we welcome and respond to government solicitations on an ongoing basis as a prime or subcontractor, we also actively pursue clients in private industry.




Our team of seasoned professionals have served clients in multiple business and government organizations over a span of many decades.  Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, federal and local government agencies and for-profit and non-profit entities crossing many industries.  With each engagement, we have developed a rapport with our audience which has created multiple opportunities for long-lasting relationships.


To that end, we established three proprietary programs to meet client needs: the ASPIRA Entrepreneurship Academy TM, for those starting new businesses, the ASPIRA New Dawn-New Day TM, for those re-emerging in a 21st Century work force, and the ASPIRA Customer Care Academy TM, for those who assist customers.


A Statement From Our Founders


Black lives matter. We believe action matters too. We demonstrate those two principles by the care and respect for each other and our clients we exhibit every day. In 2020, Covid-19 caused us to double-down on those two principles, while expanding our services and our geographic footprint to help more individuals, businesses and government agencies who ASPIRE to learn more, be more and achieve more. As leaders of ASPIRA-USA, we are dedicated to helping you realize your aspirations.  -- Michel Daley and Tony Cord


Washington Opportunity Institute, LLC (d.b.a. ASPIRA-USA) is a platform for delivering high-impact services and products to government and private-sector clients.  Our platform leverages the subject matter expertise and trusted relationships of our founders Mr. Michel Daley and Tony Cord, and of our strategic partners.


Originally created as a Washington, DC-based Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) focused on social-impact training and consulting, Aspira-USA expanded to include consulting, communications and printing services.  We have successfully delivered value on a diverse portfolio of projects since 2014, and are engineered to provide clients with efficient, value-priced capabilities using technology and people in ways that exceed client requirements.  


ASPIRA-USA’s founders and partners Michel Daley and Tony Cord are former entrepreneurs, corporate executive and board members with decades of collective experience.  Our team of professionals and subject matter experts are prolific writers and public speakers who are well-versed in all aspects of business management, including finance, marketing, public relations and strategic planning.  


Our knowledge pool allows us to utilize a vast toolbox of resources to provide extraordinary services to our clients.  Additionally, we maintains strong relationships with business leaders who assist us in placing ASPIRA-USA training graduates in jobs.

Tony & Michel.jpg
Michel Daley
Tony Cord




As presenters, Mr. Cord & Mr. Daley were considerate of everyone's opinions, attentive, and provided great recommendations...They  explained the pros and cons of making important business decisions and how failing to plan prevents success...Not only were the sessions well organized, professional, and engaging, but the advice and mentoring offered by these gentlemen was outstanding.


The course content was superb. The instructors walked us through the minefield of business development as a great protector would for those under their charge.  They built our confidence by laying a solid foundation of sure-fire methods to allow us to grow into fully functional entities equipped to withstand the rigors and challenges of building and maintaining our own enterprises.


It is my pleasure to offer my support and encouragement for ASPIRA-USA, a Certified Business Enterprise that promotes and teaches entrepreneurship to our residents as a pathway toward financial success and independence.   I applaud the ASPIRA-USA methodology which finds the individual passions of the members of each cohort and provides the tools, training, connections, and support to build a business around those passions.


Aspira USA has provided outstanding workshops in support of Project Opportunity, an entrepreneurship training program for veterans and veteran small business owners.  Attendees at these workshops have had nothing but praise for the information presented and the professionalism of the presenters.


119 Tennessee Avenue NE

Washington, DC 20002


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