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ASPIRA-USA team members have proudly served multiple business and government agencies over many years in the capacity of coaches, consultants and trainers.  Additionally, we provide an array of professional services in the printing; public relations; and advertising, marketing and promotion industries.  Many of the organizations we serve, and client testimonials are listed below.

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"The District of Columbia is a great place to do business.  Many residents in our Ward 7 communities have terrific ideas and energy to build businesses serving our residents and the millions of visitors to the Nation's Capital each year, but unfortunately, they often lack access to the tools, training, connections, and support to launch their ideas and make their dreams a reality.


"Therefore, it is my pleasure to offer my support and encouragement for the Washington Opportunity Institute [now ASPIRA], a Certified Business Enterprise that promotes and teaches entrepreneurship to our residents as a pathway toward financial success and independence.


"The principals of WOI have served our communities extensively and I commend your goal of offering year-round cohorts for seniors, veterans and returning citizens, irrespective of their past or current circumstances.  I applaud the WOI methodology which finds the individual passions of the members of each cohort and provides the tools, training, connections, and support to build a business around those passions.


"I encourage other organizations to consider support for WOI programs as sponsors, as you gear-up to roll-out your regular Ward 7 programming this year"

Vincent C. Gray, DC Ward 7 Councilmember

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CCPrep Academy

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The course content was superb. The instructors (Michel Daley & Tony Cord) walked us through the minefield of business development as a great protector would for those under their charge.  They built our confidence by laying a solid foundation of sure-fire methods to allow us to grow into fully functional entities equipped to withstand the rigors and challenges of building and maintaining our own enterprises

Jerry Owens, CC-Prep Academy


As presenters, Mr. Cord & Mr. Daley were considerate of everyone's opinions, attentive, and provided great recommendations. They often related actual experiences to the questions the audience posed; this helped reinforce their positive messages. They also explained the pros and cons of making important business decisions and how failing to plan prevents success. The initial presentation and subsequent advice helped me understand why goal setting and action plans are the direct paths to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Not only were the sessions well organized, professional, and engaging, but the advice and mentoring offered by these gentlemen was outstanding.

Tracey Harvey, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer  - The TCT Design Firm

"Greetings...I was in the first Academy last year.  I wanted to share with you, I acquired enough capital to buy products and launch my skincare/spa company.  I am opening a spa location next month and my products will be sold in a three-month long pop-up shop by a group called Femme Fatal in a prime retail location on New York Ave and Florida Ave starting Oct 10.  My company name is Jovanny's Au Naturale Body Shop.  In addition to that, I took some sewing courses and I create clothes and home decor under my design company called Belodee Designs.  I really appreciate everything you guys taught me, take care." 

Deitra Cornish, DOES Career Connections participant

Aspira USA has provided outstanding workshops in support of Project Opportunity, an entrepreneurship training program for veterans and veteran small business owners.  Attendees at these workshops have had nothing but praise for the information presented and the professionalism of the presenters.

Joe Giordano, Founder, Project Opportunity

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